What is my ip ? Online Tool

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Do you want to know what is my public IP? Here we bring you an On-Line tool that will serve you in those cases in which you want to see your real ip of access. It is a data that helps us to connect with other computers, servers or devices connected to the internet. Depending on your internet service provider, this connection IP can change every time you connect, every so often, or be fixed forever. You can check your IP whenever you want from this website, so save us in favorites to be able to use this Tool whenever you want :).

What is my public IP?

Your public IP address is …:


How to know my IP?

To know your IP address it will appear directly above, in Blue, it consists of 4 blocks of numbers with a value between 0 and 255 each. This section does not make a special treatment of your IP, it just shows it to you.

What is the IP address for?

To communicate two devices connected to a network, it is the address that identifies where the data must be sent

Difference between my public and private IP

The public IP communicates to devices on the internet (the network of networks :)), while the private IP only communicates to your computer within your local area network, or internally.

Difference between IP address and MAC address

The IP address is a numbering of 4 blocks of values ​​from 0 to 255 each of which identifies your device when it is connected to a network, whether public or private. While the MAC address is as it were as a serial number of the network or communication card itself, a 48-bit internal identifier of this device, for example if you have 2 network cards, each of them will have its own different MAC address.

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