Turbo Download Manager Android – Pause, resume and speed up your downloads

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Turbo Download Manager is a great APP for Android, that allows you to pause and continue your downloads on Android ; It also manages to speed up everything you download from your mobile, since it uses several simultaneous connections to take full advantage of the bandwidth.

Of the fastest in its category, be able to speed up downloads to the maximum of your bandwidth on your android devices. Fully configurable, being able to adjust the number of simultaneous connections and the download buffer if we want to enjoy advanced options. And on the contrary, if you are a user with basic knowledge, don’t worry, because by default everything is configured so that you can get the most out of it.

How to download Turbo Download Manager

Below we show you the link to the free download tab, in an easy, simple and free way.

Turbo Download Manager Features

Turbo Download Manager offers the ability to resume interrupted downloads. Pause and continue your downloads as and when you want.
Unlimited file size .
– Progress in the background, visible from the notification bar of your Android mobile.
– Notifications (notices) at the end of the downloads.
– Download history.
– Lets you choose the directory where you want to save the downloads.
– Extra: Image download manager with advanced features.


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