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Today we have for you a tip that many of you were asking us, such as simulating a false GPS location on Android , well then we explain how to apply this to yourself choose the location you want, so that all your applications “broadcast” as if you were there, such as Whatsapp, Google Maps or Facebook.

We explain it to you through images, it is a simple process that if you follow the steps, you will achieve it. An essencial tip for Android maybe you need to know :). You can fake gps Tinder, facebook, whatsapp, twitter, or every APP you want.

Step 1 – How to simulate the GPS location. Activate developer options

The first thing any application needs to simulate a false location in our terminal are the “ developer options “. For this we go to “Settings” (1) “About the phone” and press “Build number” (2) repeatedly until the “Advanced Options” are activated . Once activated we go back and access them, within the “advanced options”, or also called “developer options” we search for “ Allow simulated locations (3) and we activate it as we see in the image.
Developer options. Fake GPS Location
Depending on the brand of the device it may be slightly different, although not much; for example on Xiaomi Smartphones we will go to: “Settings” / “On the phone” / we will click 5 times on “MIUI Version” / once we get the notice “Developer options activated” we move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Install the Android APP: Fake GPS Location

Now you must download the application from here:


We install the Fake GPS application through Google Play (we direct you through the link above, it is 100% secure), and we proceed to execute it. A notice will open on our screen indicating that “activate the simulated locations” (if you have not already done so), and if you have a Xiaomi (MIUI is sometimes a little bit special, but for our security), you will have to go to: “Adjust “/” Additional Settings “/” Developer Options “(activated in Step 1) /” Select the Dummy location APP “and we will select” Fake GPS “. In some terminals the location “only GPS ” must be activated after that.

Step 3 – Run Fake GPS Location and enjoy!

In the last step, once all of the above is done, we just have to go back to the application, open it and select the point on the map where we want to Show our location , we can also search (1) an address, or just select it by clicking on the map. Later we will give the “Play” (2) and … magic! for all the applications of our terminal, we will already be in that other place.
Simulate Fake GPS Location
We have decided to “Choose” Las Vegas as the destination of our simulated false location, and therefore now we can use that location in the application that we want, for example, make a joke to friends through WhatsApp or Facebook, or use it for any other application. Since with this active, no application will be able to see your real location.

Lastly, and very importantly, remember that once you have finished with your simulated location, hit the “pause” or “stop” button in the lower left corner of the application, since it has the location False will continue to run, and on occasions, if you do not “deactivate” it, it will continue simulating once the application is closed (so it would not let you see your real GPS location).


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Considerations when simulating the false location:

The creator of the APP tells us on Google Play the following: “Please note that after using FakeGPS you can find your location locked in the last FakeGPS location event” (this has not happened to us and our users, but We put it just in case, so it is important to give the “pause” once you stop using the application).
It is not a mistake and your GPS sensor is not broken. There are two ways to solve this problem:
1. Install “GPS Status” from Play, start and get a new GPS solution. You may need to repeat it several times with an interval of 30 minutes.
2. Start FakeGPS APP, set your actual location and leave it at it for several hours.
You can combine these steps. The problem will go away in a day or two: be patient.

We are not responsible for the malfunction of this application, as well as for damages due to having applied this tutorial. Nothing has happened to anyone because there are many applications for this purpose in the Google Play Store, but we do not want someone to say that it does not work properly because of us; P. More information about the use of the program in the free download link (direct to the Google Play Store). Good Luck! 😉

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