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Today we leave you the direct download of DirectX 11, a complete library of drivers specially designed and used in games to improve the graphic and sound experience, which is distributed by Microsoft. The magic of PC games asks you to install DirectX to work so we have given the stamp to this direct download of essential on your computer.

Direct X 11 improves performance in PC games

It handles 3D improvements of the operating system, so it is essential for many games to work properly and other multimedia programs.

DirectX 11 uses several tools to give the best experience in PC games, among which are: Direct3D is responsible for the representation of three-dimensional objects; DirectGraphics, creates flat images in 2D and 3D; and DirectSound is responsible for playing sound by waves.

Since your operating system almost always comes by default with an outdated version of DirectX, here's the latest version of directX so you can enjoy your games to the latest. Farcry 4, Crysis 2, Battlefield 3, Dirt 3, etc,… all your new games will need this updated version.

Direct, free and 100% safe download of DirectX 11

Here we leave you the latest version of this popular driver pack that is much needed and widespread in the gamer world. Just download the file, install it, and the games that need it will make use of it automatically. The download will be done directly from microsoft servers, making it a security guarantor.

Download DirectX 11 :


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