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Have you ever seen annoying advertising toolbars, or have some kind of adware or malware been installed without your consent and you don’t know how to eliminate it? AdwCleaner is your solution. Download AdwCleaner for free from here.

How to fix adware or malware problems

It is not uncommon that when browsing the Internet or downloading things, due to confusion or ignorance, software of the type adware or malware ends up being installed on our computer. This will only show advertising and collect data on our activity in addition to disturbing the proper functioning of our team. Well, you can solve it with AdwCleaner, a small program that allows you to search for and remove adware from our computer, potentially unwanted programs (known as PUPs), toolbars or hijackers.

Download Adwcleaner Portable for Free

Adwcleaner is Portable, that is, it does not require a heavy installation like other programs. In addition, this program is recommended by the Spanish computer security reference portal InfoSpyware. You can download it totally free and safely from the link that is a little further down, towards the bottom of the page.

How to use Adwcleaner?

In the interface of the program, all you have to do is press its search button to scan the computer to detect this annoying software. Once the unwanted elements have been located, all we have to do is click on their removal option. Remove adware very easy.

Adwcleaner Portable for Windows, allows us to carry out an exhaustive search for adware and eliminate it definitively, solving many problems on our PC.


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